I am a technology worker who is in the industry for more than 20 years.

I worked in multiple technology fields throughout my work. IT management, budgeting and planning, IT security, infrastructure, development, even internal audit.

My goal throughtout my career has been, and still is to make an impact. I have been leading projects, big (over 30M USD) or small, for my entire life. And a lot of them have been impactful to the organisations that I served.

I hold a Master degree in Finance and a Bachelor degree in Engineering, both from Chinese University of Hong Kong, which I am very proud of.

Although I have been in IT management for more than 10 years, I can still code. Coding and tinkering is my interest and my hobby. Thats why I configure my own router, build my own mini cluster and very soon, will build my first rack.

This is my blog, the place where I share my views and my experiences. Hope you enjoy it.