Just now I saw the news that Raspberry Pi OS (or Raspbian, the official Linux image for Raspberry Pi which contains everything including a GUI) contains a repository that points to Microsoft servers.

It quickly stir up some paranoid thinking that the big evil is trying to sneak in some tracking software to your Raspberry Pi, but in fact, it simply offer you more choices on how and what you want to run on your Pi and allow you to install Microsoft's development tools (Visual Studio) more easily. This promotes cross platform development.

Raspberry Pi was originally designed as a learning platform, so offering more choices is a natural move. After all, Microsoft is not as evil as some others out there and every company simply wants to boost their ecosystem. As a technology worker, we all need to make a living out of tech, right?

If you are really paranoid, you can always run a native Ubuntu of Fedora on a Raspberry Pi through the native Pi Imager.