Kubernetes and Containers

My study of how Kubernetes and Dockers work, what is its relationship between them (or containers in general). How to guides on building, running and maintaining them, and general commentary on how to best use them. - 11 posts

Weekly Technology and Political digest

Weekly interesting news about technology, science, politics (or a mix of all of them). - 8 posts

Linux and Unix

I am a big Unix fan, and I use Linux too. I will share my experiences on how to use them in general. Again, there will be a lot of guides and how-tos to build your own stuff using Unix and Linux. (And I use OpenBSD a lot too!) - 3 posts


Technology news and commentaries. Again, like Security stuff, I will try to simplify them for you. - 3 posts


My view on politics, sometimes serious, and sometimes not. But the world is not so simple so it is worthwhile to discuss about it. No one can run away from it. - 2 posts


What I do, enjoy and like, casual style. Anything that you can ask "why so serious" should be long here. - 2 posts


Cybersecurity and IT Security related news and commentaries which I will try to simplify and explain here. - 1 posts


AI commentaries - 1 posts


Cloud related articles, news and commentaries. - 0 posts