I am a bit late this week, partially because I was too busy and also, there isn't really a much moving on...

So perhaps a few funny memes around the world in technology and Suez Canel?

Everything about containers

Meanwhile in a Kubernetes textbook near you from r/kubernetes

This is an interesting one, especially when you know that in Kubernetes, running images are called Containers, and it basically tells you that it is very important to define the resource requirements for each deployment or pod, to ensure that your nodes will not be overwhelmed by a single workload.

And if you are the uninitiated, remember one thing: the comments are far more interesting than the main post, 99% of the time!

And this one is about workflow

This one is really good as it indicates the most important thing in the technology world: Human beings are the biggest bottleneck in operation, so Digitisation often involves elmininating repetative human work, and is also a cause of conflict between IT and business.

This is not a Meme, but it resonate well with IT workers

And his description in the profile says: "Try my best, no promise"...

And finally, one from me...