I have been late with articles....

A lot had been happening in my personal life, which keeps me really busy for the week, but it also reminds me that you cannot run away from your "non-cyber" life, and so are the following news:

533 million Facebook users' personal information leaked online

This is not completely a recent news, but it is still shocking to hear that 533 million facebook users' personal information are leaked online, including names, telephone numbers, locations, email address, your gender, etc.

If my calculation is right, that's over 5% of the world population, including probably you and me.

Facebook's response is obviously ambigious, and leaves a lot of questions to be answered. They said that the data is being "scrapped" from their servers before year 2009.

No matter how they deny it, it still impose a very serious problem. And Facebook's attitude had always been like "Yes, we admit there is a breach, but it is not my fault" kind of response all the time.

I seriously doubt the level of development standard of such a large organisation, and I also am seriously concerned about the "cultural fit" that they have always mentioned because it is a weak and ambigious word to use in rejecting a qualified hire. Essentially there is a company which don't care about privacy, and keep hiring people to code the largest social platform in the world with potentially the same "culture" that they don't care about privacy.

And it is hurting people. Did you change address after 2009? Or if did you change your mobile phone, email address or gender after 2009? If not, it is serious time to think about a change now.